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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring 2010!!!

Colorful makeup is a hot makeup trend for Spring 2010.

Shades of pastels green, blue, hot pink, yellow and purple add a lot of fun and look fresh for spring 2010!

Spring is all about the pastels and peach lips ! It’s different from the usual pinks and reds to make you stand out but not too bold that you look like a clown or Lady Gaga in the office ! lol (don’t get me wrong - I love Lady Gaga - but hers is a look especially for stage.

Here are some looks....

This is a very dramatic Spring look, this green looks beautiful in any skin color, try "Shimmermoss" from MAC one of my favorites! line with black liner and nude lips..

Yellow is very "IN" this Spring, since yellow is a very light shade, you can make your makeup stand out with some hot pink lips ;)

I love this pastel purple! is edgy and trendy... try it with nude lips.

Heres a look that not a lot of people can pull off, but Christina can! of course! she has some pastels blue, pink and white, kind of like an easter egg look lol If you go for this look make sure you dont put too much or try 2 colors first ;)

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