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Friday, May 7, 2010

Summer Summer Summer Time!

Summer is a time to refresh your makeup to a cleaner softer lighter look!

Us Miami girls now that it can get really hot and humid in summer time and the makeup can get a little messy... Try a few tips and trends I'm going to be sharing with all of those girls that want to look great during the summer.

First of all your skin should always look hydrated, so a great moisturizer is key. Skip the thick liquid or cream foundation and switch to a tinted moisturizer or after your moisturizer try a mineral powder foundation... These sheer formulas look and feel light on your skin and are less likely to turn cakey or messy on steamy days. For summer, foundation should be sheer to give you a nice coverage but also that light and fresh look.

If you cant live without concealer (like me) try the "moisture cover" from M.A.C.

Also, ilumination is a hot trend for the summer. create a highlight on your cheekbones with a shimmery bronzer, powder or cream. Also, you can highlight under your brow and inner corner of the eyes with a light shimmery eye shadow.

For blush use one that is sheer and contains a bit of shimmer. Pastel colors are a hit. Try a soft rose, peach, light coral.

For lips , nudes and pastels are big for spring ...For summer try bright lips! like bright orange, hot pinks and corals. A very simple trend for this summer is a neutral eye with a pop of color on your lips, Don't be afraid to try bright lips, but if you do, always go light on your eyes ;)

Also something I absolutely love is a lip stain... perfect for the day, beach, pool. Try Benetint from Benefit I love it! and you can also use it as a blush, giving you natural rosy cheeks!

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