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Friday, September 2, 2011


For me Fall means saying goodbye to summer heat and humid weather… I love it! And I know my makeup and hair love it too! It’s time to put on your best makeup without sweating it off 10 minutes later, to wear fall colors in your clothes and also your nails! Part of a great outfit and makeup is also a nice manicure. My Mani/Pedi is a must all year long…. Here are some colors I love for this fall.

Chanel Les Jeans De Chanel Nail Collection
LOVE LOVE Loving the new Chanel Les Jeans De Chanel Nail Collection, It launches on September 8th through the end of the month; I’m going to get mine quick! The colors are so casual chic and I love the names: Blue Rebel, Blue Boy and Coco Blue. And of course ….Essie !

For the Fall 2011 Essie released “Carry On” and the color that caught my eye was “Power Clutch”. It’s a medium gray crème. I love this color. A very chic look perfect for Fall.

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